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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Do you ever think in halves and doubles? I mean, when you were half as old as you are now, what were you doing? My son is 30, working on his career, so half a life ago he was 15, in high school. Double his age and he would be 60, his career and personal life largely on the record.

Halves and doubles are a useful way to get past the invincibility that most young people feel as they come out of their teens. It helps with the task of thinking about your life, planning what you want your life to be. Double your age and picture yourself. Where will you live? Married? With children? Doing what? The prime wage earner in your personal family unit? And we could ask a lot more questions in the “doing what” area.

Now picture yourself “halved” – that is, at half your age. What were you doing? Where were you living? And so on. Think about the progress you have made in the second half of your life to date. Are you moving along? If you keep up the pace, are you likely to arrive at the place you pictured when your age has doubled? If so, can you fine tune things to be even better? If not, what needs to change?