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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Silent Majority” is a term we have been hearing for a long time. It identifies a sometimes large group of citizens who do not involve themselves in politics until some major issue comes to the fore. Does this group exist? I think so. Why are they silent? Easy. They are too busy raising families, working hard to make ends meet and to execute their life plans, to become involved in public issues. Or so they think.

If one does not plan to have a career in politics or public service, it is all too easy to fail to put anything about politics into your life plan. This is a mistake. What goes on in the world of politics affects all of us. As someone said, elections have consequences. But sometime, when people rise up, become vocal, and express their concern about what is happening in the country, those in the political world are surprised. They shouldn’t be.

So take a look at your life plan, and see what it contains regarding politics. Don’t have a life plan? Make one. My book will help, if you want help. But do it. Avoid being an eternal member of the silent majority by putting into your life plan the need to understand and respond to things political.