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Today in Kviv

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Sergei, our 50 something year old guide, sighed and said “They were dreamers”. He was qualified to offer an opinion. His early days spent in a commune, he later graduated University and served as a scientist for the Soviet Union. Now he was our tour guide in Kvev, Ukraine, a city of 4 million, which had been part of the USSR until twenty odd years ago. Kviv is located some 60 miles south of Chernobyl. After that meltdown, his wife took their young son and moved away from the radiation risk. They now live in Los Angeles. But Sergei is still in Kviv, trying to help people understand the difficult history of his homeland. “They wanted everyone to be equal, to have a better life”, he says. “But they were dreamers. When my mother dies I think I will become a monk. I hope to live to be 100”.